A Wake Up Call From The Bestfriend

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Life story

I just hang up from a chat with my good childhood best friend.

She just married with her chosen one. Luckily at the age of 24, two of my childhood best friends meet their life partner. I always pray for their happiness. Upcoming December, another childhood best friend will getting engage and next year is her turn to join the other two mrs. wifey.

Four of us never thought and discuss who will get married first. We pass our childhood, teenage and now grown up to become an adult. Among the four, only I left with the single status. Is not that i don’t believe in love before marriage but i did actually.duh.

The same question always asked by my best friends, when will you going to see someone? Let join the mrs. wifey group! I always denying the fact that a there’s a little feeling in my heart saying that I also want to be like them. Just that God hasn’t send the right person for me yet.

Dear Girlfriends,

I do want to join you guys, but the fact is i don’t know how and when. Marriage is not an easy and simple things to do. Since our childhood life, among four of us it always be me who left behind when it comes to love story. Please be patient. I don’t take serious on every question you guys asked before. I also waiting for the man who can crush my heart with full of P.A.S.S.I.O.N


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