Places I Wish to Go

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Travel

Ok..let’s check out my dream vacation..

FYI, the far place that I’ve went is Indonesia which is about 2 hours from my country (Malaysia lah)..

Tapi, saya betul-betul berangan nak visit some places which I think it is a wonderful creation from God and Human..

From dream to reality..Simpan duit dulu..Maybe one day my dream will come true..sweet 😀


1) Masjidil Haram, Makkah

As a muslim, this is the most dream place that i wanna go.. jealous kot tgk kawan-kawan yg da smp sane..hopefully, soon the time for me come..memang tersangatlah teringin nye nk ke sana..Amin

2) Japan

I don’t mind which part of Japan, as long as i see this Sakura blossoming..Of course la waktu musim bunga.. i am not that fool to go there when it was winter or

3)Universal Studio, Singapore

HAHA..tempat yg dekat tapi sgt la susah & don’t know when can i get there. reason??mesti la timing and money. walaupun USS ni kat Singapore je..negare jiran..even naik flight g indonesia dlu pun i had passed the Singapore land. Ok, soon after i graduate, this will be my first place for me to visit and to make this dream list come true..hahahah

4) Great Wall, China

This is an awesome place..Tak dapat imagine mcm mane la great wall ni boleh dibina merentasi daerah-daerah China yang luas ni..I really dream to jog in this place..hahaha nak test fitness..hebat tak nak jogging kat scenery..owh hijaunye..sejuk mate:D

5)Venice, Italy

When talk about romance..Of course it will be Venice river..Oh Mr. Future Husband, hope to go there with you..sweet and romantik nye la saye ni..heehee


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