Euro 2012

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Sports


I am a big fan of Germany..But, the luck is not in their side. They had done their very best. I am sure about it.. Hahaa..sadly to see my fav playmaker Mesut Ozil frustration..Seriuosly sedih sgt kot..on the day the semi final between German and Italy i supposed to do my final revision for my final exam, instead of studying i dare to watch the game..AHAHHA…sott sugguh kan saye ni..never mind mmg la kene bahan sikit ngn classmate who know that i totally fancy dgn German..but anyways, even German fails, I considered myself succeed to answer the paper because i feel i can answer it somehow..hahaha…


this is the 2nd consecutive winning of Euro championship for Spain..Congratulation..actually they proved that they are the world football champion because they won the past world cup and Euro..hebat sungguh laa!!


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